EMLC Program

The EMLC Program

EMLC is 2-1/2 days of panel discussions and open forums with dedicated time for public/private sector discussions and business meetings.

Program Content:

The conference program is created and presented by the EMLC Executive Advisory Committee, or EAC. This ensures content is relative, speakers and panelists are exceptional leaders in their respective fields, and the program remains on-target.

The program consists of plenary sessions which run consecutively in a general session, classroom setting (set for 600 attendees).  These include 2 keynote addresses, 7 panel sessions presented by the EMLC Executive Advisory Committee, NEMA and IAEM, 5 PPP-PODs (Public-Private Partnership Place of Discussion), and a special closing session you will NOT want to miss!

For a detailed view of the 2019 schedule, please review the “Conference Schedule” page here.

The Keynotes:

The EMLC Keynote program will feature iconic leadership from the world of Emergency Management. The EMLC Keynotes provide attendees an opportunity to hear leading authorities discussing a subject which is current, relevant and pressing. Given the recent events we have experienced in the world of Emergency Management, the list of keynote potentials for EMLC is global and growing.

In 2018, EMLC presented keynote speakers Mr. Craig Fugate (former FEMA Administrator, 2009 – 2016; Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, 2001–2009) and Dr. Daniel Kaniewski (FEMA Deputy Administrator for Resilience, 2017 – present).

The 2019 Keynote speakers will be announced shortly (awaiting confirmation of schedules).

The Panel Discussions:

EMLC presents 6-panel sessions which will address different topics from multiple perspectives. Each panel is moderated by an EAC member and presents panelists representing a mix of public (Federal, State, Tribal, Local) and the private sector. The 2018 program featured FEMA Administrators, State Directors, Local EM Office Directors, National VOAD, Private Sector Emergency Management, Business Leaders, City and Community Planning Officials, Homeland Security leadership and more (visit www.emlc18.us for full program information).

The 2019 panel program will highlight seven key areas of interest and importance:

  • Public-Private Partnerships with the Electric Power Industry:  Moderated by Chris McIntosh – CEO, Bent Ear Solutions
  • International Disaster Resilience Perspectives: Moderated by Stephanie Tennyson – Government Affairs Lead, One Concern
  • Disasters and the Influence of Social Media: Moderated by Moira Whelan – Founding Partner, Blue Dot Strategies
  • Mitigation and DRRA Perspectives: Moderated by Bryan Koon – Vice President of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, IEM
  • A Good Idea or Good Sense Today’s Fire Service and Emergency Management: Moderated by James Featherstone – President and CEO, Homeland Security Advisory Council
  • FEMA Regional Administrators Panel: Moderated by Kathy Fulton – Executive Director, American Logistics Aid Network
  • Impact of Online Fundraising in Disaster Survivor Assistance: Moderated by Lars Anderson – Founder, BlueDot Strategies

The 2019 session panelists will be announced shortly (awaiting confirmation of schedules).

NOTE : To see an example of EMLC Keynotes and Panel Discussions, please review the videos from EMLC 2018 which took place at the Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Florida (near Tampa).


The PODS are plenary sessions (part of the primary program). The POD sponsors provide the topic, chose the speakers and moderate the sessions. Though privately sponsored, the sessions 1- must be a panel discussion, 2- panel must present a mix of EM leadership – public (federal / state / tribal / local) and private sector, 3- must be focused on policy and recent events, 4- must address policy and not products (can’t be a promotion of sponsor services; discussions including reference to experience is encouraged but a product feature is not permitted), and 5- must provide an opportunity for attendee Q&A and open industry discussion. The session is required to be focused on a topic related to recent events with discussion focused on best practices and policy moving forward.

The 2018 PODS are presented by Verizon Wireless, IEM, One Concern, Plum Cases and ICF. Topics, moderators and panelists will be announced by April 30, 2019.

The Closing Session:

A highlight of future EMLC programs will be the EMLC CLOSING SESSION. EMLC will feature a topic relevant to Emergency Management, but panelists will not be the usual suspect’s attendees normally expect to see at an Emergency Management conference.

Unfortunately, when disasters strike communities, EVERYONE is affected. There are more people involved in community response and recovery than just emergency management officials and first responders. The headlines are filled with stories of response and recovery efforts led by people from all walks of life; politicians to professional athletes… actors to activists… churches and non-profits to corporations and philanthropy… Cajun Navies to community shelters. Simply put, we ALL get involved.

You never know who you will see in the EMLC closing session… but it is guaranteed to be the one session YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!

The 2019 Closing session will be presented by TEAM RUBICON!!!


It also includes a small resource expo for supporting organizations to present products/services to Emergency Management leadership and have an opportunity to build relationships with leadership at the highest level.

The Networking Sessions:

In addition to the many policy discussions and learning opportunities taking place at EMLC, there are also a number of opportunities for all in attendance to spend time with each other; learning about each other and the different roles each plays in the Emergency Management environment while building relationships in a positive, forward thinking environment. Included in the registration fees for EMLC are an opening reception, breakfast buffets, lunch buffets, dinner events and break stations between the many plenary sessions filling the EMLC schedule. There is also dedicated “down time” to allow attendees to schedule business meetings while attending EMLC.

IAEM-USA Region 9 Workshop

IAEM-USA Region 9 members are from California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and the U.S. Pacific Territories.  EMLC organizers have graciously agreed to provide space during pre-conference on May 28th from 1:00-5:00pm for IAEM-USA Region 9 to hold a Mid-Year Workshop.  The Workshop will be dedicated to sharing member experiences ranging from regulatory updates to lessons learned.  Program and registration information will be published directly to Region 9 members.

CEM Certification Exam and Preparatory Course

In today’s competitive employment environment, any edge you have over another person seeking the same position can make the difference between success and frustration. For those employed, ensuring that your skills are sharp and your knowledge base is deep is a key to continued success. Whether seeking employment, or currently employed, the Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®) designation is a major career-enhancing credential.

IAEM is the only organization that offers a certification for individual emergency managers. The Certified Emergency Manager designation is a nationally and internationally recognized professional certification for emergency managers.

As a presenting partner of EMLC, IAEM is proud to offer EMLC attendees the opportunity to achieve the CEM designation.  As a post-con event, IAEM will provide both the CEM Exam Preparatory Course (Friday May 31, 8:00am – 12:00pm) as well as the CEM Exam (1:00pm – 4:00pm).

To learn more about the CEM designation, please visit the IAEM CEM WEBSITE often so that you can learn everything you’ll need to know about the ultimate credential in emergency management, including details on starting the credentialing process, an outline of the specific requirements, a FAQs page, and additional resources to help you successfully complete your certification.

NOTE:  The CEM opportunities provided at EMLC are NOT included in your EMLC registration.  Registrants interested in taking the preparatory course or exam (or both) MUST register through IAEM.   T register, visit the IAEM CEM Certification Schedule.

What Did We Do in 2018???

The 2018 Emergency Management Leaders Conference took place June 12 – 13 at Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Florida (near Tampa).  The first-year program was a HUGE success and laid the groundwork for what we are presenting this year.  To see what we did in 2018… VISIT THE WEBSITE:

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