The EMLC Focus :

The conference is designed to attract and serve industry leadership from both the public and private sectors through discussion and dialogue addressing primary areas of importance for both the public and private sectors involved in emergency management / disaster preparation, response, recovery and mitigation:

Public-Private Partnerships

Public Policy

Recent Events: Lessons Learned

International Events: Lessons Learned

Industry Best Practices: Forward Thinking

Topics presented at EMLC are approached from a joint audience perspective of both the public and private sectors with the purpose of establishing U.S. domestic and international best practices and policy moving forward. The conference creates opportunities for the public and private sectors to engage. Federal, state, municipal, and tribal government, international emergency / disaster management officials, and private sector professionals are provided opportunities to discuss public policy as well as industry best-practices. Recent domestic and international events are discussed from a perspective of lessons learned with the purpose of sharing experienced-based knowledge to help the industry refine best practices and adjust policies and procedures according to the challenges uniquely presented to each region, territory, state and municipality. Speakers include iconic leaders and decision makers whose actions and policies shape the landscape and methods in which Emergency Management professionals do their job.