EMLC Conference Program :

$699 FULL CONFERENCE REGISTRATION INCLUDES ALL F&B (Monday Dinner through Thursday Breakfast)

The EMLC Conference :

The EMLC Conference Structure is unique. It is designed to maximize opportunity for and encourage participation in dialogue between all levels of Emergency Management from both the public and private sector. Only with the voices of all involved in planning for, responding to and recovering from a catastrophic event can forward thinking produce true best practices for the industry and ensure policy reflects industry trends to effectively mitigate losses when the next event occurs.

Keynote Sessions :

EMLC will present a daily opening keynote. The keynote chosen will be a well-recognized public figure speaking on topics of leadership. The purpose will be to prepare the audience to engage in upcoming discussions from a perspective of leadership as they engage in open discussion regarding major issues facing Emergency Management professionals and the communities in which we live. The keynote sessions will be motivating, encouraging and entertaining. Lessons learned will be inward… productivity and performance will be outward.

Plenary Sessions :

Policy starts here! EMLC will present 3 – 4 major policy panel discussions each day discussing recent events and specific associated issues. These panels will be led by industry SMEs and address the most pressing and controversial issues facing Emergency Management today. These sessions will include a lengthy Q&A opportunity with the audience, providing ample opportunities for the industry to discuss their experience, concerns and/or suggestions with the panelists. Multiple perspectives… from multiple levels of experience… all presenting thoughts and ideas on what would work better… what should work better; why policy should be changed, new best practices implemented, and the mitigation of future losses experienced.

PPP PODS (Public-Private Partnership Place Of Discussions) :

Prior to and concluding plenary sessions, attendees will migrate to a special area hosting displays, food and beverage, and the opportunity to further engage in discussions regarding previous subject matter addressed in the plenary sessions (workshops). The hosted exhibit displays, or PPP PODS, are presented by numerous private sector suppliers of goods and services. PPP POD exhibitors can provide topics of discussion which will be noted with their company listing, inviting attendees to join them in their PPP-POD for further discussion on topics addressed in previous plenaries. Discussion topics submitted by PPP-PODs will be published in the schedule of events and noted on all event signage.

The White Paper :

As a true ‘Policy” conference, the goal of the event is to have an effect on industry best practices as well as public policy regarding how we as an industry address mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery moving forward. To ensure EMLC can achieve this goal, all plenary sessions, including audience Q&A, as well as the discussions taking place in the PPP POD Open Forums will be recorded, transcribed and drafted into a working document which will be provided to an industry committee comprised of leading SME’s for review and analysis. This committee will present findings in response to each topic and where feasible, issue recommendations. This “White Paper” will be published by participating journals and distributed throughout the industry.

Attendees :

Federal, State, Municipal and Tribal Emergency Management Leadership

Private Sector Emergency Management Leadership (Disaster Preparation, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation)

International Emergency Management Officials

First Responders / Military / Police & Security Leadership

Academia, Industry Experts / Consultants / Students

Government Officials / Representatives

Forecasted Attendance: 750 – 900 (Registration is limited to 900 and will not be extended)